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[【1】数学物理] Sress formula for rectangular plate by in-plane bending moment in the center

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Dear all,

Sorry for posting in English.
Now I have a rectangular plate with side length a,b (a/3<b<a). The plate is subjected to an  in-plane bending moment  M in the center. How to get the formula to calculate the maximum bending stress?

PS: I try to refer to handbooks such as(Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain) .
Unfortunately, the formula for this case is not yet included. Can anybody help me? Thanks.
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depending on approximation of plate, the bending stress is various.
for the simplest thin plate, the stress is the function of transverse distance z, curvature of neutral surface 1/rho, youngs modulus E, and poissions ratio nu. The explicit equations refers to ch8 of Timoshenko's book - theory of elastic stability.




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